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SupremaZ Deerisle

Server Information


SupremaZ Deerisle is a server dedicated for all types of players, experienced, new, PvP based and PvE based players. We have many PvP zones situated around the map and have weekend raiding from Friday 8PM CET until 11:59PM Sunday CET

  • imgPvP Zones
  • imgWeekend Raiding
  • imgDaily Giveaways
  • imgFirst Person PVP

At SupremaZ we offer raiding at Friday 8PM CET until 11:59PM CET SUNDAY. During these raiding times the whole map is full PVP, vehicles excluded in this PVP Forced perspective. We have many rules and regulations relating to raiding which can be found in our rules section.

  • imgWeekend Raiding
  • imgFirst Person Raiding
  • imgRaid With Breaching Charges
  • imgRaid With Hacking Devices

We have many base building items and objects that you can place, ranging from MuchStuffPack, Rags Base Items, Base Building Plus and many many more decorations and furniture addons. You are only permitted 15 locked doors and a 75M radius to build. More restrictions can be found over at our rules section

  • img Base Building Plus!
  • img Rag Base Items
  • img Much Stuff Pack
  • img Base Restrictions!

We have many vehicle mods both premium paid mods and free. Including red falcon flight system and boats, Callatic Vehicles, Fortune Cars and many more. We also have a virtual garage system where you can park your cars to keep them safe. Join our server to find more and more!

  • img Red Falcon Helis and Boats
  • img Fortune Cars Pack
  • img Virtual Garage System
  • img Expansion Key System


Join our Discord community and gain access to many perks including free daily giveaways!

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SupremaZ Progress and Server Roadmap

We have progressed a lot throughout the time we have been running, with many new features and changes coming and going all the time. Here you can see our roadmap and future progress that is still yet to be implemented

Server Launch

  • Fully made server with PVP Zones
  • Trader setup with many items
  • Black market fully made
  • Small custom edits around the map
  • Website online with donations
  • 30+ Mods fully configured

First Server Wipe (April 2023)

  • King Of The Hill Added
  • Donation Trader Added
  • Fishing system fully setup
  • Parachute Mod Configured and Added
  • New interior designs
  • New base building assets and furnitures
  • Third Person Vehicle Access

July 27th Wipe

  • Sibnic Helicopters Added
  • Drone Mod added
  • Car Radio Mod Added
  • Mystery Box Added
  • New Movement features
  • Special Music Added
  • New and changed improvements

Next Wipe

  • More PVE Features