SupremaZ Deerisle

General Questions

You can join the server in One of two ways. 1. Go to steam client, on top left click VIEW, then click servers, then click add server on bottom right, enter the server ip and port in the box that opens - - then add this to servers. Head over to the actual dayz client, open the servers tab, click favorites then supremaz will show. You can then join and setup mods directly from here. 2. (Recommended) - Download DZSALauncher - DOWNLOAD When you run the launcher for the first time you may be asked to find the DayZ Steam location, You will also be prompt to input a username (PLEASE change from Survivor) Otherwise you will not gain access to the server. From there on the filter tab search SupremaZ - Click the play button next to the server you want to join, then click Play again (This will tell you to download any mods that you need to download) ensure you do this. After they are installed click play again and you should be good to go.

Joining the discord server is easy, head over to - Join Our Discord once you have joined you must react to the Assign a Role channel, this will then give you access to the server

This is dependant on what Launcher you are using, For the default launcher head over to the parameters tab and click profile Name check box and input any username you wish to have. For DZSA head over to the settings button on the top right, go to ingame name bar and input your desired username. Press Enter to ensure it has been saved. Alternatively join our discord and head over to the #joining-our-server channel for a more indepth guide with images

You first need to login via your discord account, click the Connect button on the top right. If you are on mobile turn the website into desktop mode so you can view the connect button. Once you are connected head over to the store and choose whatever package you would like. Payments are handled by stripe so all of your data is secure and never leaked or shared and are encrypted.

Our server has scheduled restarts every single day within the space of 4Hours apart, these restarts are 12:00AM (CEST/GMT+1) - 04:00AM, 08:00AM, 12:00PM, 16:00PM and 20:00PM every day on both servers. You will be warned ingame 1 hour prior to the restarts and when 2Minutes are remaining the server will not accept anymore new connections until the server has restarted.

Donations are not necessary! If you wish to donate out of the goodness of your heart it is highly appreciated. If you do donate you will gain some perks though, If you ever wish to have an item customized and designed to your own needs you can request to do so. A minimum of 10$ Must be donated to receive this perk. - All donations are non refundable but will all be used for the cost of the server and further development.

Game related questions

Raiding is only permitted on the weekend, this includes vehicle raiding which is done via the garage tool Each tool has 3 failures before it breaks, and each attempt has a 35% chance to succeed, if you fail your garage tool will get damaged. As for general raiding this is done with C4 and Hacking device and can only be used on Doors, Gates, Hatches. Raiding will be enabled upon the 8PM (CEST/GMT1) restart On Friday Evening. And will be disabled/prohibited after the Sunday night/Monday Morning restart. (23:59)

Yes, both of our servers have base building, We use BaseBuildingPlus, All the required information on this mod head over to these following links How to build a wall How to build a door How to place carpets, wallpaper and plaster How to use the advanced rotation feature How to use the Snapping feature To find the crafting recipes head over to Crafting Recipes

These are scattered all over the major towns/cities for both servers. You can find these next to the large yellow cranes which look like this - CLICK HERE

Yes we use the Red Falcon Flight System to find out a guide on how to fly these helicopters please head over to - Flying tutorial another tip is to enable the Auto Recovery System which can be found ingame by clicking Escape, Options, Controls, Configure Keybinds, RFFS and MOSQUITO tab, then change the keybind for flight recovery to whatever you want, then when flying in game Just simply hold that button in when you need to recover/hover directly above.

We have many different keycards in game and they go in many different areas of the map. We will not state the exact locations but here is a rough guide on where they go and how to use them. These keycards basically unlock locked vanilla doors around the map. If you ever come across a door that has been locked that looks like it shouldnt chances are its a keycard room. Black+Gold - Temple (2doors), bunker (2doors), arctic (1door), Purple/Violet - Toxic crater bottom right - (6doors), Red - oil rigs (1door on each rig (3doors in total), Alcatraz (3doors), White/Black - Area 42 (2doors), Paris (3 doors), Green - Rcfi (2doors), airfield (3doors), Yellow - North haven (4doors), Blue - Camp Bear, Camp eagle (2doors each), White (base building) - tons of locations in all pve zones and big/small cities. Some cities have two locked doors like Stonington. There are also two other keycards which are vanilla to deerisle. Green and Purple which go in KMUC bunker and the aircraft carrier in the snow island

Yes! we have a very nifty and cool bot that will allow you to find prices on the go. Simply join our discord and head over to the #market-prices channel. In there type /market then let it load a list of commands, at the top should be /market item - select this then it will open a new box here you want to search your item. TIP: Try searching first few letters sometimes some stuff is named weird so try and do this instead. If you find your item simply click it then press enter and you will see what price it is